Day: November 19, 2022

Sat. Nov. 19, 2022 – and now Nov. is slipping into the rear view mirror…

Cool and raining?  Certainly cool.   Rain started in the evening, just when I had stuff in the back of the truck.  Only fairly light drizzle, but still rain.   I’m hoping we don’t get any today.   I need to do some stuff before we head up to the BOL.

Wife is in Vegas for work but should be home later today.  We’ll have to decide if we are heading out today or tomorrow.  It will probably depend on how bad her flights were and how heavy traffic on the show floor turned out to be.   I have no interest in packing the pickup truck if it’s raining.  Telescopes and rain don’t mix.

I did a couple of pickups yesterday.  One was a little cast iron wood stove.   It’s cute.   There are some chips in the casting along the back edge of the top that you don’t even notice in real life.   Other than that, it’s new in box.  I don’t know if I’ll end up keeping it or trying to flip it up by the BOL.  For $90 and local pickup, I couldn’t say no.

I filled two more propane bottles.   The third was rusty and too heavily pitted on the bottom.   Even my ghetto propane guy wouldn’t fill it.    $11 per bottle, which is back down to what it was a couple years ago.  These two bottles will be headed to the BOL.  I’ve got a lot of bottles.   I pick them up whenever they are cheap, like at garage or estate sales.  And I’ve got a lot of stuff that uses propane.   Patio heaters, turkey fryers, grills, smokers, a gennie, hot water heater, Mr Heater heaters,  maybe something I’m forgetting…  In any case, I recommend having a bunch of them.  If I had to make a specific number, I’d say two for each use.   That way you don’t have to keep moving them around.  Minimum would be one for each use, and only install the ones you are using, keeping the rest for spares.  Oh yeah, get the refill kit for the one pound bottles too.  I’ve got lots of them floating around, and stoves, heaters, and lanterns that use them.

I like propane and propane accessories.   It’s a lot easier to store than the equivalent in gasoline (although I store a bunch of that too.)

Today’s plan is to get more stuff put away, get some stuff from Lowe’s for the BOL, pack and do laundry for a week away, and decide when we’re headed out.   Wrangle the kids, and welcome the wife home fit in there somewhere too.

Bit of a busy day….

Stack stuff!



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