Day: November 10, 2022

Thur. Nov. 10, 2022 – working at client’s house today

Cool and damp warming to warm and damp.   Yesterday was very nice, once the sun came out.   This is a great time of year in Houston.  Sometimes the humidity is still a bit high, but the days are certainly nice when it’s not actually raining.

I did a pickup yesterday, mostly stuff for the BOL, and spent several hours on paperwork.  I didn’t get to my storage unit, as the clips I needed to build more shelves were delayed until later in the afternoon.   Not an exciting day.

I did get a call that my client’s AT&T fiber was finally installed, so that is what I’m doing today.  I’ll be configuring the networking, and ubiquiti gear to work with the new fiber.  Assuming they just need to hit ‘enter’ somewhere to make it go live.  The AT&T documentation doesn’t actually list a time between requesting the new service be made live, and getting it live.  I’m not looking forward to blundering my way around the gear either.   Before I head out, I’ll be watching a couple of youtube vids about the configuration process.  I’m sure it will be very easy in the video.   I’m also fairly sure I’ll be talking with someone in India before the day is done.  I just hope we can finally get it all set up.

And by the way, did no one here think to mention the total lunar eclipse?   I saw some talk about ‘blood moons’ but nothing about it being caused by an eclipse; especially one I could have seen by getting up an hour earlier…   Oh well, there will be another in a few years.

Speaking of astronomy, I’m bidding on another 8″ dobs telescope.   This one gets good reviews, and retails for about $450.  I will bid a bit more than I normally would as my wife made some pointed remarks about her lack of a birthday ‘scope when we were talking about the eclipse.  She reminds me she wanted a ‘scope, I sit down to a new auction and there is an appropriate ‘scope.   Hopefully I win it and she’s happy and all is right with the multiverse.

But if it isn’t, I’ve got stacks and skills.  You should too.


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