Day: November 5, 2022

Sat. Nov. 5, 2022 – work, work, work. Lord Warfin has left the facility…

Cool and clear.  After a night of storming and rain.   Temps dropped 10F between when I got home and midnight, with the rain starting right around midnight.  The front is supposed to move through though, and leave a gorgeous Saturday behind.  We’ll see, is about all I can say so far.

Did my pickups and none of my errands yesterday.   Forgot about two of them and ran out of time.  I’ll be trying to get them in before I blow town today.  I need to pick up some liquid slab sealer/vapor barrier.  I plan to just use the same stuff we used under our hardwood here in the house.   It wasn’t cheap but it was easy to install and I’m familiar with it.  I already picked up a structural crack repair epoxy.   Might be overkill, but where I did it here we haven’t had issues.   Where I didn’t, we’ve had moisture under the floor.  Store opens at 10am and is a mile from my house, on the way toward the BOL.

That is the big goal for this weekend- get the middle bedroom floor sealed, so my wife can put the floor back next weekend.

Wife and kids are at Girl Scout camp this weekend, so I hope the weather clears.   I can work indoors if it’s raining at the lake.  I don’t want to drive up in the rain, or have the stuff in the back of the pickup truck get wet, so I REALLY hope it’s clear later.

If I can’t work on the floor, I’ll do something else.   And on the way up, I pick up the new freezer.  Getting that up there is a secondary goal all by itself.

I’ll have the dog with me this weekend, so that should be interesting.   We’ll see how he behaves without his girl along, and if I can keep him off the floor goo.

Exciting times ahead.

Stack some stuff, you know you wanna.




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