Day: November 9, 2022

Wed. Nov. 9, 2022 – not sure if we still have a Republic, too worn out to watch the returns

Cool and damp.  Later warm and damp.  Then cool and damp.   It is a swamp here after all.  And I soaked through my shirt yesterday without even trying.

Did my pickups.   Just a few things, some for resale at my local Hamfest, which is on the calendar!  Hooray.  Some of the items were for the BOL, and some were just in case.   I’ve got two pickups today.  Thought I’d have three, but one of my tried and true auctioneers got good prices for his stuff this week.   Good for him, not good for me.  I was sure I’d be picking up at his place.  Prices are up everywhere, even the secondary market.

I was able to order the clips I need to put more shelves together at my storage unit, and have them overnighted, for no extra cost.  In fact they were a tenth of what Grainger had them for locally, and I’d have had to wait three days for the inter-store transfer.   I don’t really know how a company can stay in business at that rate, but I’ll save the money when I can.

I voted, and hope you all did too.  Don’t know if it matters, but I want to be able to say that we tried everything, before the red tide washes away the corruption.   If it gets bad enough, there will be a red tide.

What follows that won’t be pretty.

I really hope it can be avoided.

And if not, that my preps are adequate.

I think I’ll stack some more.


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