Day: November 12, 2022

Sat. Nov. 12, 2022 – 111222 – non-prepping hobby day, and travel

Cold and wet, with a chance of cold and clear.    National forecast says we’ll be clear, and it could warm up, but it was 48F when I went to bed.

Spent Friday doing my pickups, then finding the stuff I wanted to bring to my meeting to try to sell.   I had lost a thing that is bigger than a breadbox…   found it though.   Looked in three places before looking at home.  It was sitting here all along, not even hidden, just in a bin I didn’t think it would be in.   I was looking for it out in the open.  You always find it in the last place you look 😉


Today I’ve got my meeting, then load the truck and head out.   I’ll get some stuff moved up there, do a chore or two, and spend some time there.   All wins.

I have plenty to do at home, but I need to keep moving at the BOL if we’re going to do Thanksgiving there.

And I’m moving stuff there and building the stacks.  If I have enough time, I’ll divide my OTC drug bin and take half to the BOL.   I’m taking most of the food I bought yesterday too.  One of the deals at HEB yesterday was “buy a ham, get a free turkey”.  I’ve got freezer space at the lake, so I did.    Even though the ham was a dollar more per pound than Costco, the 12 pound turkey for free more  than made up the difference.   A couple of years ago that deal didn’t save any money over Costco.  Now it does.

If you aren’t normally a “deal” shopper, a coupon-er, or an ad shopper, this would be a good time to start.  Get a jump on the coming hardship, and practice saving money.  Learn the rhythm of the sales, and what stores have better pricing on what items.   It’s not yet a matter of eating or not eating, so you can make mistakes and climb the learning curve.   Going on as you’ve always gone, is not going to be an option forever.

Preps will help ease the transition.  So stack some stuff.


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