Day: November 11, 2022

Fri. Nov. 11, 2022 – Veteran’s Day

Thank you to everyone who served, and to their families for the sacrifices they made.




Cool and clear, warming later.  Some small chance of rain.  We’ll see.   Yesterday was nice.  Out in the boonies the air had the smell of damp, loam, and fall.  It was nice.

Spent 8 hours at my client’s house.  Got some stuff done but not the main goal.   Maybe next week.   His broken gear is still not available for replacement.  His remodel project, delayed for a year by supply chain issues, is still not entirely done.   They are waiting for light fixtures, and the electrician’s punch list details.  As I found at the BOL, even if you have money to spend, you can’t always solve your issues anymore.

That might change as people DON’T have money to spend.   Chatting with the cashier at Spec’s, our large liquor store chain, he said that despite Halloween and World Series parties over the weekend, his store was DOWN $20k in sales year over year for the weekend.  At some point, business is going to chase whatever money is still available.   We’re not at that point though.

Which leads to a couple of questions.   How do you make money when you don’t have anything to sell?  How do you spend money when there is nothing to buy?   What happens socially or personally, if you are not hurting as bad as everyone else?  Do you stop spending, even if you could?

It’s  a death spiral for the economy.  It’s coming.

Prepare yourself and stack what you can.


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