Day: November 6, 2022

Sun. Nov. 6, 2022 – Fall back. Now you get the hour the gubment stole from you back…

Cool and damp at the BOL.  It was sunny and very nice when I arrived before evening yesterday.  The night was bright with the almost full moon, and a fire on the dock was very cheering.

Got some stuff done, see yesterday’s comments for details if your interested.

Got stuff to do today.  The vapor barrier needs to be applied this visit so my wife can get the flooring back down next visit.  We are going to have Thanksgiving up here, so some work needs to be done before then.

And apparently I’m just the guy to do it!

It’s ok.   I brought some more food up and the new freezer, so I’m continuing to stack here.   We could bug out to here now and be OK for a while.  That is a Good Thing ™ when world powers seem to be just fine with the idea of using nukes on top of the ongoing economic dumpster fire.

If you don’t have somewhere to go to, try to find someone to go to.  A mutual ‘swap’ pact where either of you can head to the other if things get out of hand locally might be your best bet.  Make sure you can bring some resources with you, skills and knowledge if not stacked goods.  That will ease an already awkward and tense situation.  Food is always welcome.

Having it on hand, or having it to bring with you is a good reason to stack more.  If you needed a reason….



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