Day: November 7, 2022

Mon. Nov. 7, 2022 – well, it’s Monday again…

Not so cool, but certainly damp.   I’m guessing, but it was 77F and dripping when I went  to bed.  Absent a cold front coming through, it’s still gonna be both of those things in today.

It was nice at the BOL, with the sun staying hidden most of the day.   The brief time it was out, it burned like fire.

I got the main goal done.   The middle bedroom has a vapor barrier applied to the floor.   Getting to where I could make that statement took a bit more effort than I hoped.   And grinding concrete.  And epoxy.  And more grinding.   In any case, it should be ready to put the floor back in next weekend.

I ticked a couple of minor things off my list too, and even took an hour while the epoxy was curing to throw the lure into the lake  a few times.   No fish were biting.

Today I need to focus on home stuff.   And auction stuff of course.   If it’s not raining I’ll head to my storage unit and do more sorting.  If it is raining, I’ll do stuff here indoors.

I need some sales so I can do some more stacking.

There is always more you can do, and more you can stack.  Get busy.


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