Day: November 13, 2022

Sun. Nov. 13, 2022 – Chilly willy today

Cold this morning, warming later, but COLD now.  And it was 36F last night at 11pm by the water.   40F at the house.  At least for now we’ve gone straight from summer to winter, barely seeing fall at all.

Did my non-prepping hobby yesterday.  Great to see the familiar faces, and  a couple of new members, as well as some old members that don’t get to meetings every month.  Didn’t sell much.  That was a bit disappointing, but I’ll bring the stuff to the next sale and it might move then.

After that, I loaded the truck and headed out.   It was late afternoon by the time I got here, already chilly and getting dark.  I got my patio heaters ready, laid a fire, and ate dinner.   It was a nice night to have the fire.  Ate s’mores with D2 and W1… watched the stars move in the sky.   Moon rose about 1015.  Until then it was pretty dark and clear.   Needed the fire and the heaters though.  Damp by the water.  And chilly.  Did I mention chilly?

Wife got the bedroom flooring re-installed.  Today we’ll probably do more work in the master bath, and the kids’ rooms.  Then it will be back home for school on Monday.  Short trip but more food and more stuff moved this way.  And more work got done.

Always be improving your situation.   Always be stacking.


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