Day: March 25, 2021

Thur. Mar. 25, 2021 – do not press the shiny red candy colored button

Cool and damp.   Maybe rain, maybe just mist.

Yesterday was cool and damp all day.  Overcast never really broke, and we had misty rain in places and at times.   Usually when it was least convenient for me.  Because it’s all about me.

Did my errands.   Dropped off stuff for sale.  Picked up some needful things.   I’ll be taking more stuff to the new auction today or tomorrow.  And I’ve got a load for the ‘industrial’ auction as well.   The other auction hasn’t worked through all the stuff I brought them already.

The pile is getting smaller, but very slowly.

Today will be spent.  One way or another, on what I hope or not, but it will be spent.  I’m hoping to get my stuff together for the auction.  I’d like to take some GS cookies to my gun store buddy.  He has been a staunch and generous supporter of the troop but this year he couldn’t afford it.  So I’m bringing him one of each as a gift.   Meatspace.  Tribe.  Network.  Friends.  Call it what you want, you need  to get you some of that.  Strengthen what you already have, look for ways to expand.  Can you help someone out?  Can you do someone a favor?  Can you buy something from them or sell them something they need?  Look for opportunities.

I’ve been adding to my stacks this week.   It feels like it’s already Friday because I’ve gotten some stuff done, despite the lost day and the aching knee.   I need to keep this pace for a couple of weeks … and maybe I’ll get caught up to where I should have been in February.

There is always more to do, more to learn, more to organize, more to fix, more to buy.  Don’t let it overwhelm or paralyze you, do something, even just the first of many small things.   Get the ball rolling.

With that in mind, I haven’t heard anything back from the electrician about the generator hookup.   I haven’t found a replacement truck yet.   And there are still lots of things to go through for my taxes.

Baby steps are still steps.

Keep stacking.


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