Day: March 4, 2021

Thur. Mar. 4, 2021 – I’m gonna be busier than a one armed paper hanger…

National forecast has Houston in the clear for at least a couple of days.   That will be great as I need the clear weather to move stuff around and work outside.   Today should be nice.   Yesterday started cool but ended nice and sunny.

I spent the day doing stuff- took daughter #1 to get her braces tweaked.  Then I stopped at the HEB after taking daughter one to school.   Added some food to the pantry and shelves.

Met the A/C guy and got that sorted out at the rent house.  Found several other things there that should probably be done soon, but I’ll try to push them off.  Picked up from one auction.   It was radios, hand sanitizer, and toilet plumbing supplies.

I’ve got stuff listed in two local auctions, and more at each auctioneer waiting to be listed.  I’m hoping to get a whole bunch of stuff to the new auctioneer this week, but she just closed an auction and won’t be done with pickup until Saturday.   She may not want my stuff until next week.

While doing all that other stuff and the normal stuff, I’ve got to get my Expy to the shop.   It stalls out at idle after running for 15 minutes.   It’s pretty consistent and it’s not the cold or the battery at this point.   It needs to be smogged and registered too.   THEN I can get the Ranger smogged and registered, maybe get the windshield replaced, and if I’m really ambitious, install a radio.  I’ve got a bunch of stuff to install in the Expy too.  Dash cams don’t do you any good sitting at home in a box.

Before you know it, hurricane season will be rolling around.   I would like to have the vehicles all in tip top shape before then, and the whole house gennie installed, and the plumbing for the hot water heater and master bath done.   Oh, and the A/C here at the house needs to be replaced too.  We’ve been lucky and have deferred it too many times.    Lots of stuff to do to Casa de Nick before it gets hot.

I’m going to have to figure out where the extra time is going to come from.

“First invent time travel”…

All this while a global pandemic continues, inflation starts to take off, our freedoms get further restricted every day, and the battle lines continue shaping up.

I better get started.   You probably should have a list too.  Stuff to do, and stuff to stack.   Time is flying by, get started on something.



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