Day: March 9, 2021

Tues. Mar. 9, 2021 – bought a truck, gotta pick it up

Clear, small chance of rain, and still cool.   Yesterday was clear and comfortable all day.  Really nice weather.   Humidity is high, but mitigated by the cool temps.  It’s just that stuff doesn’t dry.   For now I can live with that.  (58F and 93%RH when I went to bed, 130am)

Spent most of yesterday either buying a new truck or cleaning out my old one.   FILLED the Ranger with stuff from the back of the Expy.   And the front of the Expy.   And the middle.  I have to make another trip to finish, and to get the roof rack and sirius/xm module.     I had a lot of stuff squirreled away in that truck.   Not all of it is going back into the new truck either.   200 pounds of b ody ar mor for example….  I bought the plates and forgot they were in the truck.  I found a dewalt impact driver I can’t remember buying, or getting as a gift.  Battery was still charged though.  Gotta love lithium batteries.

I was supposed to spend today doing one pickup of the gennie I bought, and two drop offs at local auctions.   I cancelled one drop off already and I’m going to try rescheduling the gennie pickup.   I can usually pick up from that seller late, but the forklift might not be available.   I have ramps, but it won’t be easy.  I really need to make the drop off at the new auctioneer though.

I’m scheduled to pick up the new truck around 330, after picking up daughter 2 from school.   That will involve about 2 hours total and blow my late afternoon.  It’s always something.

My CD and DVD ripping project continues.  It is becoming very clear that if there is some media you like and want to continue to have available to you, you need to OWN it.   Books are being banned.  Films are being re-edited. Books are disappearing from sales at amazon (I can’t remember the titles so it could be commercial reasons, but the removal of the book TITLE suggests that it’s more than a royalty or rights dispute, and amazon has clawed back kindle books and edited kindle books in the past so they are suspect).

Some movies are only available with a scold attached, for now.  Eventually they’ll be gone.

I am not buying most media new, so I’m not feeding the monster (or the creators, but that’s a different discussion).  I am building my library, and my media collection.   Will it ever get to the point that they come looking for them?  I can’t say.   For most people, relying on the ‘cloud’ and streaming services, there won’t be any badthink to come looking for.  It just won’t be available in the first place.   The classics of western civilization and the bedrock writings of our country’s founding are already under attack, de-emphasized, and pretty much have to be marginalized in order for the social changes to go unopposed.

Make sure you have food for the mind and the soul stacked up, as well as actual food.   Keep stacking food.  Hungry people are desperate people.



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