Day: March 17, 2021

Wed. Mar. 17, 2021 – these posts were a lot shorter when I wrote them in the morning

Cool and overcast, moving toward warm and rainy.  Yesterday was overcast all day.  Light misty drizzle happened in some places, and heavier drizzle happened in others.  Neither happened in yet others.  Houston isn’t one climate, it’s dozens.

I did get a couple of things accomplished yesterday so it wasn’t a total lazy day, but I wasn’t as productive as I should be.  Time is short, and my list is long.  Kids were home all day and my wife was in the office for work.  I made one pickup and did office stuff.   Some domestic bliss too (restocking various paper products, blowing out the dust bunnies, etc).

I also got out and pruned the citrus trees.   There is some green poking through the bark of some  branches,  so I’m still hopeful.   There is a lot of dead wood though.   I wasn’t aggressive with the pruning and will probably have to do it again when I’m sure the branches aren’t coming back.    While I was working on that side of the house, I got my new blueberry bush planted.  The directions were different from the others.  They called for the roots to be spread out, and then covered with soil.   The last time I planted blueberries, I’m pretty sure that I just planted the whole root ball and soil.  I guess we’ll see if it makes a difference.

Blueberry bushes are budding leaves.  The apple tree is too.    My potted lime and orange have set fruit after flowering in the house during the deep freeze.  Man o man, did that smell nice.  I’m hoping the fruit matures, without getting eaten.  Last year, all the immature fruit disappeared over the course of a night or two.  Very suspicious.  Asparagus is sending up spears.   They are thin and scraggly but if I catch one just right, they are edible.   I planted them years ago in “window boxes” on the fence because I wanted to save the roots, and I didn’t know where I wanted the asparagus bed to be.  They’ve stayed there, sprouting every year, but usually ‘running  away’ and getting ‘ferny’ before I can even snatch a stalk.  The tomatoes and herbs my wife planted seem to be surviving so far, as is the new grape vine.  The old grape vine needs a spring pruning before it starts budding up.

I’ve got onion sets and seeds to get in the ground still.  That should get moving before it’s too late.

On top of everything else, it’s tax time and I’ve got a ton of paperwork to go through before we can file.  None of this is what I want to be doing, btw.   I want to be messing around with radios, building stuff in my shop, and working on my non-prepping hobby.    Playing around with model trains would be fun, and just reading and watching movies wouldn’t be a bad choice either.  But.   I’m a son of Martha now, at least as far as family and daily life.   Not really a burden I can lay down.

So join me on my journey.  Share the attitude if not the burden… and keep stacking.



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