Day: March 7, 2021

Sun. Mar. 7, 2021 – always more to do…

Cool and clear.  I hope.   It got to be very nice yesterday.  Sunny and clear, not too cool.  It was a real shame not to be out doing yard work.  Or more of a shame to not be out enjoying some sort of leisure activity in the nice weather.

Instead, I spent a couple of hours at my secondary location gathering up stuff to take to auction next week.   Then I spent a couple of hours picking up some metal I bought, and talking to the auctioneer about bringing her a couple of loads of stuff.  She wants it, so I’ll bring it.

I did a bit of research (hit a couple of car listing sites) and at least have a better idea of what my options are for a replacement vehicle.   My wife is on board with spending a bit more for an extra couple of years without issues, so that expanded my search a bit.    Surprisingly, for Ford Expeditions anyway, mileage is much more of a factor for value than just about anything else, given that all the vehicles are running, and clean.  Age certainly counts, but much less than I expected and a year or two one way or the other doesn’t matter much.

It takes up time and energy, in an already crowded month.   Selling through local auctions gets some of that back, as there is much less of my time involved than just about any other way.   Less profit for me too, but that is a trade off.  Time is what I’m most short of right now.   Time time time, ask me for anything but time.

Funny thing about time.   We all have the same amount of time every day.  You can’t really “save” time for later, and you can’t store it.   It is very much “use it or lose it”.  I’m not panicked yet, but time feels very short.   I don’t know that I’m spending mine wisely, but I’m doing what I can.

Think about how you are using your time, and to what end.  Change is hard, but sometimes necessary.  Do you need to make a change?  Do I?

While you’re pondering, keep stacking.



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