Day: March 15, 2021

Mon. Mar. 15, 2021 – Beware! Beware poets and prognosticators

and the Ides of March….

Cooler and wet.   Probably.  Maybe.  No one really knows.   Yesterday stayed overcast and drizzly all day.  The temp dropped too, down to 58F at one point, although it was 59F when I went to bed.

Slept late, had an hour stolen from my life,* and then worked on my plumbing project in the slowest and more careful way possible.  I’ve set toilets before, but never had the constellation of parts and issues that this one had.  I got it done, no leaks, and last night it did the business without complaint.  It is very quiet, and doesn’t ever evacuate the whole bowl.  Quite different.  Seems to work though.

Then made some dinner and welcomed #2 child home from her sleepover.  Yeah.  I’m hoping we don’t get sick.  Wife decided that child needed to spend some time with a friend for her mental wellness.   Kid was very excited and had a great time.  Hopefully that worked to lighten her mood for a while.

The rain and late start kept me in for the day and definitely limited what I got done.  Still, the toilet project was on the list for a long time and now it looks like that is done-for a while anyway.

Turns out that this week is Spring Break.  Who knew?  Kids are home all week and my wife is back in the office a couple of days.  That limits my range of activities.  On the other hand, I should be able to work projects here at home.  We’ll see 😉

Time to move some other stuff forward, and organize some of the stacks.

This last week gave me a chance to work some skills.   Hands on skills are good.  Infrastructure skills are good.  Repair skills are going to be really good.  Work on some skills this week.

And of course, keep stacking.




*not really, but fun to play with.

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