Day: March 20, 2021

Sat. Mar. 20, 2021 – no rest for the wicked

Sunny, clear, and cool again.  Boy it was nice yesterday, if a bit on the cool side.  50s and 60s and even 70s are great with the clear sky and sun.

I did my pickups then hurried home to meet with the electrician.   He took a look at what I had and he’ll be getting back to us with a price for the install.   One unfortunate discovery, I misread the data plate all those years ago.   The capacity of the gennie is 1/2 of what I thought, so while it is more than my portables, and runs on natgas, and is liquid cooled, it won’t run as much of the house as I’d like.  It will do, and we’ll continue with the install, but it was disappointing.   (in almost every case, when a plate says 240v and 100A, that is 100A for each leg of the 240v.  Not in this case.   They are calling out 100A ACROSS both legs, or 50A per leg.  It’s a beast of a machine to only have that capacity.  Very strange. )

Today I’ve got to do my pickups, then head over to my secondary and do some more cleaning and throwing out.  It’s past time that I was able to move a bunch of stuff there, and I need to get back onto that task.

On the national scene, President Biden stumbled and fell three times while climbing the stairs to Airforce One.  The video looks bad.  I know Presidents have stumbled on the steps before.   There is very little you can do to make it look good.  But holy cow it looked bad.   Add that to some sort of shenanigans involving digital additions to footage, and it hasn’t been a great week for Biden the weak.  Also consider last week or the week before when his strongest allies, and the people who presumably know him best, moved to take away his ability to make war, and he seemed ok with that.

Watch the videos, what few there are, and note that he’s got a ‘minder’ just a few steps away in every shot.  It’s his VP in far more shots than any other President I can recall.  Usually, the VP was a compromise and the POTUS keeps them much further than arm’s length away.  It’s all very strange.

I might have to try and retcon my prediction that he wouldn’t make it TO March into ‘he wouldn’t make it THROUGH March’…

He’s famous for his gaffes (and what a qualification for POTUS!) but still… he’s referred to his VP as “President” Harris at least twice on camera.  He even tossed off the comment that if they disagreed on policy, he’d ‘fake an illness and retire’.  I watched that video with my own eyes.

Now he’s picking a fight with Putin?  Putin, who issued some VERY specific and odd statements about Biden’s health, and who challenged Biden to a live debate, but it had to be ‘live with no delays and soon’.

Things are getting weird folks, seriously weird.  When I don’t know what’s going on, I tend toward an over abundance of caution.   And in this case that makes me want to double my food storage.  And buy guns.  Lots of guns and ammo.  Repair kits.  Spare parts.  Accessories.  Water treatment and filters.  Meds.  Wound care supplies.   Canning jars and seeds.  Boots.  All sorts of things.

Stack all the things!

Stay frosty.


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