Day: March 14, 2021

Sun. Mar. 14, 2021 – more plumbing, more stuff to do

Possible rain and mid 70s, but also possibly not.  Houston weather is kinda hard to predict.

Spent yesterday on plumbing and household stuff.  My tale is in the comments last night.   TL:DR I’ve got more to do today to get finished.  Should be about an hour of actual work, or less.  I can do plumbing, if I have the parts.   Same for carpentry, electrical, drywall, paint, roofing, cabinets, countertops, tile, flooring, and even carpet although the ‘kicker’ is the demon’s tool.  If I had to, I could probably build a house from the ground up, with the right references for details and some help.  That doesn’t mean I WANT to do any of that though.  Times like this, when plumbers are just not available and there is a problem (even one I created myself), it’s a comfort to feel reasonably confident that I can do what it takes to fix the problem.

After that, if it’s not raining, the plan is to do some gardening.  My neighbor is building some raised beds, and from his offhand remark, it’s because he’s worried about food in the future.   I hope he has better luck than me, then he can help ME!

In general, this cold snap was an eye opener for folks, I think.   We all expect problems during hurricane season, but to have them in winter is unusual.   Everyone wants a generator now.   Even my wife has actually scheduled an electrician to come and quote us for the whole house gennie hook up (this coming Friday).  The few people in Lowe’s last night included a guy buying pipe insulation.   That’s a guy who learned from the cold snap and is DOING something about it.  I think he’s not alone.

And that’s a good thing.  Everyone who is better prepared is someone who isn’t looking to take my stuff, and who has reason to resist calls for ‘redistribution’.

Encourage the newbies.  Help where you can.

Skills, friends, stuff.   Stack them all.


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