Day: March 11, 2021

Thur. Mar. 11, 2021 – nothing on my mind

Cool, overcast, and damp.   Hopefully no rain.

Yesterday saw 70s with misty drizzle in some parts of town.   I got my windshield wet a couple of times while driving around.

Did my pickups.   Honda 6500 looks complete.   Gas and water in the gas tank.  I’ll take a few minutes and drain it soon.  I’ll need a few parts if it runs, but it’s in better shape than it looks.  The ladies who run that auction company and their families have avoided wuflu so far.  I gave them a big heads up before we got going over a year ago.   They had one employee positive, but it didn’t spread.  Masks and distance work.

Today I have to get over to my mechanic and get the rest of the stuff off my old Expy.  I need the roof rack, the xm and ipod interfaces for the radio, and the car seat.   There are a few other small things left from last time too.

Then I need to check out a couple of the links you guys sent me.  Lots of eyes make it easier on me, and I’m thankful for the help.

Short shrift today.   Nothing on my mind.   Kinda interesting seeing the Royal trainwreck  and the Doxy Duchess instead of Donald Trump in every news cycle…

Keep stacking needful things.



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