Tues. Dec. 15, 2020 – so. That happened. So we’re on that path.

Cold.  Dreary.  Wet later.  Probably some wind too.

Cold all day yesterday.  Every time I went out to the garage, I was very glad to come back in  while we’re grid up and the house was warm, with no effort on my part.  That wasn’t always true, and it might not always stay true.

Mostly I spent the day getting stuff moved around and organized.   I don’t feel like I got a whole lot done, but I did fill two bins for the auction.

Today I’ve got to get to the rent house and address the plumbing issue.  I also have a Christmas present to pick up, and I’m going to try to swap out my full bins for empties at one of the auctioneers.

Meanwhile the march to war continues.  Guns and ammo are still available at a price.  I got eflyers for both yesterday.  They were generally gone in a very short time, so if you need something, get on some email lists.   Body armor is available and still cheap.  You may not be thinking of becoming an urban partisan, but you might want a second chance if you find yourself working at 7-11 trying to keep body and soul together, or going to collect rent at one of your rent houses.  Elements of the left have been very clear that they want everyone to the right of them dead, destroyed, purged, impoverished, beaten, or subdued.  It’s just a matter of which one you hear how severely you should be treated.  And it doesn’t really matter if not all the left feels that way.  The ones that don’t won’t be gunning for you.  You never really know how or why you might come to their attention, but if you do it isn’t going to be fun.

If things go sporty in a big way, it won’t take much to close the container ports.  Anyone with a deer rifle can close air travel for however long they want to, and can stay free.  There aren’t that many bridges across the Mississippi River.  Transformers are vulnerable and have already been targets.   If you can get into the .gov networks and Treasury, you can surely get into the SCADA networks that control the pipelines and pumping stations.  Contaminate a drinking water plant and it’ll be a while before people trust it again.  Do it six times and they’re done for good.

Our infrastructure is fragile.  It was built for a high trust society, and a lot of it is in very remote and yet accessible places.  When there are problems with it, it’s the PEOPLE who get-r-done and fix it.  If those people are unable or unwilling, then it will go down and stay down.  It’s not something you can bring in the Army to fix, or foreigners.  Watch some video of linemen ‘hot sticking’ transmission lines as an example, or of the guy who clears the macerator in the settling pond at  the sewage plant.   Not something for the untrained.

How much infrastructure are you able to live without?

While you’re thinking about that, keep stacking.