Thur. Dec. 24, 2020 – Christmas Eve

Hopefully not raining, and kinda warm.

Rained late yesterday.  It was so humid before that that it might as well have been raining.  Really gross feeling to be working out in 80F and 99%RH.  Clammy.  After the rain it was 53F at midnight.  Chilly willy.

But I did get the lights up, so I’m much happier than I was.  It’s a bit later than I’d have liked but the house and yard look festive.  There are  a lot more houses decorated this year in the neighborhood than last.  IDK if that’s a reflection of people being home and having the time, not going away on vacation, or just more younger and traditional families moving in.   There is nothing like having kids to rekindle those desires for the traditions you grew up with.

I’ve got presents to wrap today, and hopefully stuff to drop off at the auction house.  Didn’t happen yesterday, but I really want the bins out of the living room for Christmas.    I need to decide which presents get wrapped for Christmas, and which get saved for birthdays in 4 months.  Kids are gonna do alright in the present department no matter what.

The older one is a bit blase’ about the whole thing this year.  The little one is practically vibrating with anticipation.   It’s a lot of fun to watch it through their eyes normally.   They miss their friends and the family get togethers, and the Holiday travel.  I’m happy enough staying home, but I ache for them.

Funny how all the speculation about cv19 being a bioweapon has faded.   It would give a nice target to the white hot pent up rage, if it was allowed to blossom… but I guess that would be bad too.  Maybe some people will wake up dead after a tasty soup, or a kiss on the cheek sometime soon.   Russia isn’t exactly unscathed by the chinavirus after all.  Christmas wishes used to be so simple.

Time for me to get going on my list for the day.  I had an ebay sale so I need to hit the storage unit and get the item, and get it shipped out.  That’s in addition to everything else.  Still, glad for the sale, maybe things are picking up.

Keep stacking.