Tues. Dec. 22, 2020 – nope, nothing cool about the number today..

Or is there?

Anyway, nice and dry, sunny and pleasant.  That’s my hope anyway.  It was nice yesterday, all day.

So I spent the morning indoors and the afternoon mostly driving around.

Did my pickups, sorta.  My wife and daughter decided to get some bonding time in after the braces went on.  I subsequently got a very late start on my tasks.  No drop off, no check pickup, and only a few of my other pickups.  I’ve got some very short windows for pickups today, and they are far apart.

It’s also the last rain free day forecast before Christmas, and I’ve still got stuff to put up outside.  I’m falling behind.  Way behind.

Work gets sloppy when I get rushed, and some stuff just doesn’t get done at all.  But I can’t really see where that will apply to my list of jobs right now.

Time to suck it up I guess.

And time to get busy.  No time to wax poetical on my failings or how the world is letting me down.

Go do some work to improve your position for what is coming down the pike.  Sell some stuff.  Buy some stuff. STACK some stuff.