Sun. Dec. 6, 2020 – Gang aft agley*

Cool and damp.  Maybe rain, maybe not.

We did get a super light sprinkle late in the night last night, but the day was otherwise mostly clear, and overcast.

I slept late, drove across all of Houston, drove back, stopped at my secondary location to retrieve some presents, and got home late in the day.

Then I sorted more auction and ebay stuff, sorted Christmas presents, and stayed up WAY too late.   I really shouldn’t have had any iced tea after 6pm.  I barely noticed when it got to be 130am.

While I was doing other things, I started going through 2 big binders of music CDs that I picked up.   They were mostly full of commercial disks but there were also a bunch of “backed up” CDRs.   They appear to have been written in around 2009 and almost every one has errors.  Many have flaking reflective material, or holes in the foil.  Some have damage to the edge of the disk, either from moisture or hand oils.  All have a network of fine scratches from use.  In general, at least one track is unreadable, and for many, no tracks are readable without errors.  The problems are across all brands, memorex, office depot, the verbatim disks that look like 45 records, pretty much all the ordinary brands.  If you are counting on CDRs or DVDs for long term data storage, you should probably be rotating and re-burning your data, or putting it on spinning rust with periodic checks.  and if you can see through the foil when you hold the disk to the light, you might want another brand from the beginning.

Today I have to get to my secondary location and move some things.  There will be some inspector there on Monday, and some of my stuff is out where it shouldn’t be.  This can only happen if it’s not raining though.  Same for putting up lights and decor, or for most of the stuff on my list.

I really better get cracking on some of this or I’ll fall even further behind.  And that would be extra special not good.

So I’m off, to unstack, pull, toss, sell, and restack.  And in the mean time, also try to ‘live my best life’ as the whiny brats say.

I’m sure there is something you need to keep stacking….