Tues. Dec. 1, 2020 – it’s the final countdown… for the year anyway

Cold and windy.  Hopefully not below freezing.  [28F at 6am]

I spent yesterday getting ebay and auction stuff sorted into bins.  I also did a little bit of maintenance and finished the install of the range hood.

And cooked dinner- pork chops on the grill, thin sliced red potatoes saute’d in bacon fat with onion, and a steamed acorn squash for  a bit of sweet.  Family ate over 2 pounds of pork.  I’m glad I have girls, I couldn’t afford boys at this rate.  Range hood worked great with the potatoes.

Today I’ll be headed over to the rent house to meet the plumber.  If everything goes well, then over to the auction house to drop off 4 bins of stuff.  If it goes badly, I hope we’ll get everything fixed before my tenants get home from work.

So far, my tenants have been working and able to pay the rent.  When I was considering the advantages of an income stream from rentals, I didn’t consider the US going full commie and seizing landlords’ properties without compensation.  I’m glad I’m not in a state thinking about or engaged in rent forgiveness.  Like most commie schemes, the end result is the opposite of intended- you end up with no rentals available, or only run down shiteholes that no one wants to live in.  Formerly productive (and taxable) properties go fallow or become a burden on society instead of a benefit.

The slide has started.

Consider too, if you are rooting for a Biden win, what it means for our free and open society when people on the left feel emboldened.  Right now, when they think they are the underdogs, they are calling for an actress to be blackballed because her boyfriend might not be a Trump hater.  She was formerly a darling of the left,  supporting all the right causes.  They chase people off campus for what they MIGHT say.  They dox and hound and threaten anyone they don’t like.   How much worse will that be when they KNOW they are the protected golden children?  And the problem with radical orthodoxy?  No one is ever pure enough, or dedicated enough to satisfy the true believers.  So even if you are sympathetic, or supportive, you can still find yourself denounced and driven out.

And then where will you be?

Stack it high.  Prepare to pull back and close in.  If you’ve been free with your opinions, someone has already made a note of it, guaranteed.  If you aren’t prepared to recant, you better get ready to fight.