Wed. Dec. 23, 2020 – anyone notice that 2020 sucked?

Cool and possibility of rain.  I really hope no rain.  Too much to do that didn’t get done yesterday.

Spent the day yesterday doing pickups.  All over the greater metro area…  and everywhere there was vacant commercial and retail space.  They are still building what looks like fulfillment warehouses out on I 10, maybe cross dock facilities, but there is so much vacant, I wouldn’t want to be building on spec.

Chatting with the people at the auctions, they are pretty aware of the gun and ammo shortage.  There is a lot of support for Trump in the small and independent business community…  and several of the auctioneers have signs posted saying that guns are welcome, and they support concealed carry.  They also don’t seem to think 2021 is going to be instantly better.  Given that that mirrors a lot of what people here have been saying, I’d say it was a widespread and mainstream idea.

2020 almost had one last kick in the teeth for me.  My sibling had a near miss.  They were in an Uber and got T boned last night by some guys street racing in Chicago.    All I can say is seatbelts save lives.  Three broken ribs, severe whiplash, ongoing headache, and a visit to the ICU, but now at home recovering.   F me.  That was too close.

Not that I expect 2021 to be better, but let’s get out of 2020 without any more tragedy.

All the stacks in the world won’t replace people.  Take some time out, and make the phone call.  You won’t regret it.


(keep stacking, that’s important too)