Fri. Dec. 4, 2020 – ayup, FLEW by.

Cold again, still damp. Maybe some sun though.

I was cold enough yesterday to get my jacket out.  Of course by the time I got to my later appointment, I was sweating and took it off until sundown.

I got some bins of stuff dropped off a my newest local auctioneer.  He was surprised by the amount and actually expected more.  I had the impression he didn’t want a truckload so I didn’t bring one.   I’ll be bringing another load down to him on Monday.   He also took a look at my Pokemon cards and we figured out that I DON’T have a $10K card.   The version I have is $45.  The version with the printed difference (a missing drop shadow) is the one that brings the big money.   It’s likely that it’s the same error that is NOT on my other big money cards too, so no $1200 cards either.  Probably.  I still have to go back through them looking to see if I have any with the missing drop shadow.    Not a lottery winner anymore, but still worth about 40x what I paid.  Funny how that feels disappointing.

I picked up a small but important defensive training item too.   I paid less than online prices, but 50%  more than I would have in January.  I think it will be another 50-100% higher come this January.   It’s very clean and fills a gap in the progression from BB to airsoft to Cricket (gap) to black scary gub.  The store where I picked it up had inventory.  Expensive inventory, slightly more than online sellers, but he had stuff on the shelves and in the display cases.  He said his purchasing manager has been scrambling to find stock.  Much of it is used or consigned too.  Friendly guys and right down the street from one of my auction sellers.

Today I’ll be loading bins, sorting, doing a pickup, and hopefully getting some Christmas lights up.  I used to be the only one on the street with lights, now there are a dozen houses that are already decorated.  I’m the slacker!  I love seeing the change.  BE the change you want in the world.  It’s not just for hippies.

Now I need to get to it.  I’ll leave the politics and conspiracy to everyone else today.  Unless it rains.  Then I’m gonna drive this keyboard like a rental.

Keep stacking.