Sun. Dec. 20, 2020 – 12-20-2020 hmmm more weird looking numbers

Cool but clear.  That’s the forecast.   I’m hoping it’s correct because I’ve got stuff to do.

Did some stuff yesterday.  The heavy rain put a damper (ha!) on my day.   My wife found a local food distribution scheme she liked so all the flats of food are out of my foyer.  I’ve still got bins of auction stuff there though.

A gingerbread house was constructed on the kitchen table.  Some cookies were decorated.   Kids played Skyrim and Portal2 all day and night.  Somehow we ended up with a very late bedtime.

The little one and I are halfway through the last Little House book, The First Four Years.  It’s hard to think of little Laura as a mom, especially when she wants to sled down the hill outside the house…  and it’s a bit daunting to read the books and see how much of their success was down to not having bad luck at a bad time.   Then when everything should come together, and they should ‘live happily ever after’, they don’t.   Real life, even through the filter of story, doesn’t always have the happy ending.  What is consistent throughout the books is that Pa’s attitude and depth of knowledge, and willingness to ACT when needed, carries the family through travail after travail.  The pioneers that lived and succeeded were TOUGH and yet FLEXIBLE.

That seems to be something to keep in mind and nurture in general, and in the coming hard times specifically.  Hard times are ALWAYS coming (shout out to the ‘nearer’ bois!)  It is the nature of the world that the wheel turns.  What seems more likely for the near and medium term, prosperity and good times, or hard times?  Show your work…

I’m gonna keep stacking.