Fri. Dec. 25, 2020 – Christmas Day

Cold.  Low 40s to start.  Clear and sunny in the forecast, so it should warm up later.  No snow this year.

Whether you celebrate this day as the Feast of Our Savior’s Birth, or as a secular version with Santa Claus and all the mythology that has built up around that, or as a pagan whose symbology and practice got subsumed into Christian beliefs, or if you’ve just finished celebrating Hanukkah, I greet you and hope you share the blessings of the season.

We’ll be busy giving gifts, preparing our shared meal, and renewing familial bonds (albeit by facetime).  I hope this season is a bit of a respite from the concerns of the rest of this dumpster fire of a year.

Merry Christmas, everyone.


Spent yesterday messing around.  Sold something on ebay that I had to go get out of storage, then pack better for shipping, then run to the UPS store-  which was closed early for the holiday.  So was the storefront shipping store.  I spent about 2 hours messing around and still didn’t get the danged thing shipped.  It’ll go out Monday.

After that it was a scramble to finish wrapping presents, deciding which ones went to which child, and which get shifted to spring birthdays.  Got it all done, and the opening of the gifts commenced!

Oh to be nine years old again.  What a special day for her.    She’s been VIBRATING with anticipation and her waiting paid off.   SO MUCH squealing.

The 11yo has been playing it cool, practicing her ‘teen’ vibe.  Last night was clear she missed it, so today she’ll hopefully get the joy of the season.

Speaking of which, I know that for some of you out there there is no joy in the season.  If that’s the case, please talk to someone, get out into the woods, or go for a drive somewhere or do whatever helps you get through.  But GET THROUGH.  Be here for whatever comes next.  Who knows, could be aliens after all and how cool would that be to finally know for sure?

Whatever comes, we’ll deal with it.  There are still people in Rome and have been since before our system of dates started those 2020 years ago.   Stacks of needful things will help…


Wishing you all the joy and blessings of the season, Merry Christmas!