Sun. Oct. 25, 2020 – more stuff to do today of a domestic nature

Cool, breezy, and partly sunny, unless I miss my guess.   I can guess too, just like the pros.

Drove around town in the part sun, part overcast and enjoyed not sweating constantly.  It was still pretty humid, and when the sun peeked through it was hot, but the overcast and breeze kept it nice for most of the day.

I did my pickup, and then went to my secondary location.  I needed to get some stuff for my wife to take to Girl Scouts for craft projects.  I also took some stuff from the house to store, and spent some time cleaning and moving stuff.  I need to spend a week there, but won’t have the time.  I have to just chip away at what I can.

Today I have to get stuff put away and organized here.   Between youngest taking over the library/toy room for her classroom, and all the temporary bins and piles of holiday decor, the place looks like a thrift store exploded here.  It must be driving my wife crazy.   The best thing I can do is get the house in order today.    That and get some more stuff out of the house.

Getting some more decor set up is far down the list.  My neighbors are all looking forward to Halloween, both the ones with kids that will be trick-or-treating, and the ones that will be home handing out candy.  It feels a bit like the last chance to be ‘normal’ before it all gets crazy, and the first chance to be ‘normal’ in a while, at the same time.  Yeah that’s crazy too, but then this year has been crazy.

It’s not suddenly going to stop being crazy either.  Remember that UFOs are on the agenda too, which would trump all the other stuff, while at the same time, making it worse.   More realistically, a NATO ally is busy supplying weapons into  a hot war  with a nation allied to Russia, and promises to send troops and get even more involved if anyone interferes.  So at the same time we’re weakened at home with the run up to CWII, internationally we might be in the run up to WWIII…  after all, SOMETHING has to get rid of all that debt that Europe ran up.  And something has to goose the world’s second largest economy, and those other countries didn’t go to all that trouble to set up alternatives to banking and the petrodollar just as an academic exercise… nor was it an accident that got their islamic shock troops/fifth column embedded into Europe.  It’s no coincidence that one of those parties is in bed with the Presidential candidate’s son, or that all this is happening while we are being attacked internally, especially since those attacks are well funded by known enemies of the US and freedom.

In other words, it’s like there’s  an ‘all you can eat buffet’ of ways spicy time can come.  One or more is almost BOUND to come.  So keep stacking.