Sat. Oct. 10, 2020 – so much stuff to do

Humid and warm.  Some wind.  Probably.

It was very pleasant Friday, if windy and overcast.

I did get a few things done, but mostly it was a day of domestic bliss.  Make breakfast for 3, one after the other, lunch for 2, separately, then dinner for all of us.  That takes a surprising amount of time.  A bit of cleaning, mostly with the leaf blower, and picking up stuff.   I went through some more ebay and auction stuff.  Did some very minor stuff in the garage, and did a bit more decorating.  Lots of time got eaten with real estate research – driven by my wife…

The roofer confirmed Monday and Tuesday, so I have to get the antennas down today or tomorrow.  Late Sunday I’ll have to move some of the Halloween decorations too.

I looked at all the garden beds.  The beets might be starting.  The peas are coming in, but only a few plants.  Nothing else sprouted.   The citrus is starting to get close.   I will recheck the timing, but if I don’t see sprouts soon, I’ll open a new packet of seeds, and try again.  It’ll have to be soon though.

One thing I did mostly for fun was to take apart the slow cooker and see if I could find the fault.  I did, the thermal cutoff switch has failed.  It’s a  $2 part if you can wait for it to come from china.  I have  a whole bin of salvaged ones, but they may have a different temp rating.  I’ll check them out in a day or two.  The control board also had two swollen capacitors.   If I have the temp switch, I’ll probably change the caps too.  Then it will be back in service.   They are not super expensive, and real Croc-pot cookers come up in the auctions and at goodwill all the time, but I do like fixing things and it’s good practice.  It’s also a quick fix.  The longest time would be spent replacing the caps, second longest was taking out all the screws.

“make it do” is part of my ethos, as is fixing stuff, and I learn a lot whenever I fix something.   Valuable skills if things go south, valuable in any case even now.

Fix something.  Get something old working again.  Conserve something.  And stack what you can.