Thur. Oct. 8, 2020 – out and about

Nice day, warm, but with a breeze.  Or so I hope…

That pretty much describes yesterday.  Another beautiful fall day.  Got some of my auction stuff sorted out.   Helped the daughter with classwork and discovered just how bad it is.  Made lunch.

Then I started getting some of my Halloween decorations out.  I don’t want to get everything set, because we have a hurricane that could hit us, and then I’ve got roofers coming.  I have to move everything to a safe distance from the house and get out of their way, so I’m only setting up stuff that’s either easy to move, or out of the way.  I like to do a big scene for Halloween.

Today my wife is home working, so she’ll have oversight of the kids while I run errands.   I’ve got pickups (stuff for HER) and hopefully some cleanup at my secondary location.  I’m also hoping to take 3 or 4 big bins to my local auction.  That will help at home.

I watched about half of the VP debate.  While it was less rancorous, the two realities that the candidates (and by extension their supporters) live in are very far apart.  That is the most I’ve seen of Pence, well, ever.  Seems nice enough.   The other one, not so much.

I’m also seeing so many articles about how Trump is cooked, done, over, crashing and burning, definitely gonna lose big, etc.  Where do those people live?  What are they watching? *  A commentor here brought up some good points, but I don’t see it.  Trump’s supporters from last time are out in force this time.  Tentative supporters from last time are feeling freer to support him this time.  I don’t see supporters leaving him in droves.  And he seems to be attracting new supporters as well.    Further, nobody “loves” Joe Biden.   No one that I can see is psyched that he’s running, or excited by the idea.  His slogan is that he’s a “uniter”.   No one would ever believe that.  I just don’t see it.    I really hope I’m not wrong, but the ‘two different worlds’ problem is getting bigger and I’m just as likely (ok, not quite as likely) to be stuck in mine as they are stuck in theirs.

Either way, things are not going to ‘get better’ any time soon.  Keep stacking.




*or it’s pure spin and gaslighting.