Sat. Oct. 3, 2020 – stuff to do, so much stuff

Cooler and sunny.

Yesterday was nice.  Even in the sun, there was a nice cooling breeze.

I picked up my auction stuff, mainly shelving.  There was a bit of other stuff including 24 rat snap traps.  I paid 50c each.  I’m stocked up on rat traps now.  Funny thing is, I originally bought rat traps to catch squirrels for dinner if SHTF big time.   Then I used them on rats.   Who knows where we’ll be in a year, but I sure hope squirrel isn’t a staple on the dinner table.

One of the other things I got was a small fire safe.  It’s a little one, about the size of a dorm fridge.  There are videos online showing how to decode and reset the combination.  The door is currently open, so it should be a simple matter to get it working again.  I’ll either resell it, or find a place for another safe.  Maybe at my secondary location, although I’ve got several ‘security containers’ there already…

Today I’m going to continue chipping away at the list.  The flood lights I was waiting to replace have died.  I’ll change them out to LED today.  There will also be some more cleaning and organizing and putting away.

I’ve got the meat to still break down and freeze too.

All after getting my covid test.  Fun times.

There were some disturbing late reports before I went to bed suggesting Trump’s health was deteriorating.  I REALLY hope not.  We do not need the added distraction and uncertainty.   The speculation that there might have been sabotage or deliberate infection is hard to consider, but I’m taking it as a sign of the state of things that it even occurs to so many people.

No matter what happens, it’ll be better if you have big stacks.