Thur. Oct. 1, 2020 – “I am a poor man, digging in a hole, diggy diggy hole….”

Moar cool!!1!!!   Moar Fall!!1!!!!!

Or maybe not, we’ll see.

Did get a bunch of small things done yesterday in the relatively cool day.  It did get to mid 80s in the sun by late afternoon, but was still pleasant.

Tiny bit of cleaning in the garage, but the result was disproportionately large.  Fixed a couple of things.  Went through a couple of boxes, sorted and put away the stuff.  Went looking for my drip irrigation for my window boxes and couldn’t find it.  I might have left it behind at our rent house.  I’ll have to get some new parts I guess.

Did some cleaning and rearranging of electronics in my bedroom.  It let me put some stuff away that was sitting out for too long.   A lot of what I’ve been doing these last few days is just putting stuff away that’s been sitting for far too long.  Maybe I can call it ‘getting my house in order’.  That sounds better than ‘picking up crep that’s been sitting forever.’

One of the things I did was listen to one of Daughter One’s teachers tearing her a new one about turning off her camera, not completing work, and messing around on other devices during class.  My wife thinks she’s gonna have to go ‘in person’ for the next period.  Daughter really does avoid the work, is getting insular and unhappy.  I am so not interested in her going to school in person, but I do agree that she is struggling to stay engaged.   The other daughter wants to continue at home.  Unless something changes, I think I’ll have a bunch of new school related stuff to blog about, if nothing else.  Hey, maybe I’ll even get pneumonia.  Again.

And if she gets sick, she’ll need a test to be re-admitted.  One of the other moms spent $[a bunch of money] for a test for her kid so he could return to school and spent a couple of days trying to find one.  Sounds nuts to me, I drive past a couple of empty parking lots with tents set up for testing, but the free city tests are few and far between according to her.

I like having the kids home and my wife around.   They are less sanguine.

And that’s how otherwise sensible people end up getting sick.

I better concentrate on the things I can control and keep stacking.




*the title?  Know your memes, and then