Mon. Oct. 19, 2020 – first day of school

Cooler and humid.

Yesterday got warm in the afternoon, and was crazy humid, but was very nice in the shade if you weren’t working too hard.

I got a couple of things listed on craigslist and ebay.  Sold one item.  First sale in 90 days.   Spent a bunch of time doing some more Halloween decor and lighting.

Did some small cleanup things.  Found some missing items, and discovered some others need to be tracked down.  Moving all my stuff around is messing with my sense of where stuff is.  The flip side is I’m coming across stuff that has been tucked away for a while.  Can’t sell it if you have stored it for later and have forgotten it was there.

Spent a little time on the backup house search.

Did some other auction stuff.  Bought my wife a better xbox controller since she and the girls are playing games.  A lot.   They did all get in the pool while I got dinner ready.  Not too many days of pool use left without some sort of heater.

Oldest daughter starts ‘in person learning’ today.  She’ll be riding the bus to her new school.  I’ve decided to wear flannel jammies and slippers to take her to the bus.  All the moms do it, and half wear yoga pants, not flannels….  I’m not quite insane enough to wear yoga pants.

Wife is in the office MWF this week and I’m home with youngest daughter.  She opted to continue virtual learning.  She likes sitting alone in her work area.

The tone of the school emails is shifting.  Not so subtle hints that parents need to let the kids do the work.  Threats that if the kids can’t follow the virtual rules they’ll be forced to return to in person classes.  Threats that if the kids can’t follow the in person rules, they’ll be kicked out for being ‘health risks’.  Lots of rules about verifying attendance.  No butt in seat = no payday for the district.  Lots of emphasis on ‘butt in seat’ time.  In other words, they had a chance to remake education, and they’re blowing it.

Lots of things are going to  be re-made after the crash.  They’ll be made in the shadow of what was, and shabbier.  Thus begins a dark age…


Or not.  We are clever monkeys well motivated to survive.  Just because it’s happened before, doesn’t mean it will happen the same way this time.  ‘Course, in September of last year, if someone just laid out the facts of our current situation, would you have believed it was possible?

Keep stacking.  Keep learning.  Keep testing your assumptions.