Fri. Oct. 2, 2020 – another week gone and good riddance

Cool in the morning, warm in the afternoon, cool again at night.

That’s what yesterday was like anyway.

I did a few little things.  The main two were looking at roofing samples with the wife under various lighting conditions trying to pick the one to go with.  Simple for me, not so simple for her.  And D/L’ing and trying some different security cam NVR software.   I like the one from Russia with love, Xeoma Video.  The playback is very nice and intuitive.  It’s easy to zoom both the live video and the recording.  The load on my pc is MUCH less as well.  The main difference is that there are license fees for the product.  There is a free version, some limited versions, and lots of additional cost add ons.  I like it, but I’ll have to see what the cost would end up being.  I was able to add all my cameras, even the weird old ones.  There is a version that runs on linux.  This may be the case where the additional cost is well worth it.

Couldn’t find my micro drip irrigation supplies.  Bummer.  I’ll have to buy some to water the ‘window’ boxes on the fence.  If I don’t, I can be pretty sure I won’t be successful growing anything in them.

I ate too many carbs at lunch and had to take a nap.  I decided to lay down, as I’m tired of waking up in my chair with a sore neck.  That’s been happening more than I’d like.  I’ve been coughing more than I’d like too.  Part of cleaning up my bedroom was to control the dust under the bed and around the corners…but that didn’t solve the issue.   My temp is normal as is my pulse ox, but I can’t help but consider that I might have picked up the wuflu.  I think I picked up something, which is a breach of my protocol somewhere.  It could just be lack of sleep and seasonal allergies, but now my wife thinks I should get tested.  I’ll report on that when it happens.

Grocery order today, and more stuff for the freezer.  Wife took a look at the canned goods and questioned some of the more unusual items.  I like to have some choices, so I buy some stuff we don’t normally eat.  Heck, until I started storing long term food we rarely ate anything out of cans at all.  I have them to combat appetite fatigue if we’re ever forced to eat out of stores for a long time, and alot of them can be  added to rice too, for a change of pace.  I shudder to think of a time when lima beans will be welcome on the plate.

We can’t know for certain what tomorrow will bring, but we can prepare for the likely things.   No one knew on September 10th, 2001 that the world would change forever the next day.   So get ready for what you can, and plan to deal with the rest.  Stack it high.