Mon. Oct. 5, 2020 – lotta layoffs, more coming…

Cool and nice.  Dry and breezy.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Like Sunday, without the late afternoon threat of rain.

I did make it out of the house.  I decided to head to Home Depot.  I needed dirt, drip irrigation, and some paint  stuff for my wife’s project.  Then off to the pet store for dog food (to replace the 2 bags that were ruined by mold.)

Then surprise surprise, wife wants me to look at a house for sale.  Better section of our neighborhood, bigger, and has a pool.  Spent an hour doing that, plus there and back.

Other than getting some grass seed planted and some low spots in the yard filled, not much of anything got done around here.  And that is becoming an issue.

A quick survey of headlines shows that meanwhile in the world, crazy is breaking out all over.  Trump is in the hospital, at death’s door to hear the media salivating, then he’s out, but he’s the most irresponsible person evah, but the covid will guarantee his victory, except that the covid will guarantee his defeat, and on and on.

Turkey is helping stir the pot in one of the oldest conflicts in the world that continues to this day, with actual cities being shelled.

The hell that is NYFC continues to get worse in every way.

Disney laid off 28000, each airline is going to or has already laid off about 15k-20k workers, and on and on.  That’s about half a million pink slips coming with a few more companies joining in in a few weeks time.  Tell me that that won’t have an effect on the economy and just before the election.

Portland is rioting again.

We are just getting started with spicy times.  Do what you can in the time you have.  Keep stacking.




(and if you missed it in comments, my wuflu test was negative, so dodged that this time)