Wed. Oct. 14, 2020 – half way to Halloween

Milder but still humid.  Sweaty.  Probably.  Probably nice in the shade.

It was sweaty but not super hot, and almost pleasant in the shade for most of Tuesday.   The roofers are finished, but the boss will do final inspection today.  The roof looks great.  They did a really fantastic job of cleaning up too.  All the lines are straight, the edges crisp, and there isn’t any inadvertent pattern in the shingles.  Win all around.

I got a couple of little things done while trapped in the house of thuds, bangs, and shudders.   Mainly I did some sale listings.  I also bid on and won an IR emitter to replace the one that died.  It’s a serious pro level unit that I’m hoping has superior performance.  With my low bid, it cost about the same as the chinesium ones.

I’ll be doing more chipping away at tasks today, with a pickup scheduled in the middle of the day.  I got a piece of gear I’ll be flipping to my client.  He’s ok with used gear if he gets to approve it, and the price is right, and it’s not a critical piece.

I’ve got a bunch of paperwork stuff to do too, that I’ve been putting off since the start of the covid lockdowns.  Some tax related, some income related, some vehicle related.  All in all, a big pile.  I need to push past the funk and crank it out.

I also need to get my Halloween plans in gear.  We’re going for it this year and I need some new stuff to put out.  Much more fun that cleaning the garage, but I don’t think my wife will let me skip that part.  I hope I can find the time.

Speaking of, no time like the present.  I better get started or there won’t be time to keep stacking later.