Sun. Oct. 18, 2020 – let’s get some stuff done today….

Probably 70s and humid to start, getting warmer throughout the day.

That’s how yesterday went, although the humidity outpaced the temperature.

After sleeping late, I got some of my errands run.  Not as many things got done as I’d have liked, but if you sleep half the day away, that’s how it goes.

Today though, today will be different!  Today I’m going to be like a demon, a whirlwind of doing!  Or perhaps not.  We’ll see.

I do know one thing– after spending yesterday cleaning the kids’ closets out, my wife will be looking at my stuff VERY closely.  And with an eye toward filling dumpsters.  So I better get busy moving it around, and making room.

And the normal house maintenance stuff needs to happen, and some more Halloween stuff needs to happen, and getting oldest ready to attend school in person tomorrow, after riding the bus for the first time ever needs to happen…

So, as mentioned…….. we’ll see.

I did get the last of the groceries put away, and the meat broken down and vac sealed.  Freezers are much more full and reassuring than they were.  New temp monitors are working fine.  Roof is done and looks great.  Some stuff is going to plan… touch wood.

I’ve got to make room and money so I can keep stacking what matters most.

Figure it out, and stack some yourself.