Tues. Oct. 6, 2020 – client visit today

Another cool but sunny day I hope.  Yesterday was nice, with some clouds but really a nice day.

I did my pickup, and drop off in the afternoon, so I did get out of the house.  It was my wife’s first day back in the office “for real” so I was mostly home with the kids.  I spent the morning fighting with USB sticks and microSD cards, with the goal of installing linux and the linux version of my security cam NVR software.  I’m done with windows updating and taking down my cameras.    Some of that tale of woe is in yesterday’s comments.   Late last night I got the image onto a USB drive but didn’t have time to install or test.  I won’t today either.

I’ve got to do a site visit and install some stuff for my client out in the country.  That will take whatever of the day remains when I head out there.  Before that, I’ve got some access points to configure.

And we’re meeting with the roofer this morning to sign the contract for our hail damage replacement roof.   Once that work is done, getting the HVAC replaced is next on the list.  We’ve made it through summer one last time (touch wood) but neither I nor my wife want to roll the dice for next year.  And we don’t want to have to do the work in the hot months, or under the gun.  Comments about HVAC manufacturers welcome.

Trump is home at the White House and people are acting like he’s going to Outer Mongolia.  He’s still going to get the best care available and Walter Reed is still just a short helo ride away.   Given the back stabbing doctors, he may not have felt safe there anyway, and there were far too many leaks and comments from people who should have known better.

And to all the people acting like he’s going to infect people on purpose because he’s evil, HE got the wuflu from someone else.  All those other people could also have gotten it from the same source or each other.  I haven’t seen anything convincing that Trump is personally spreading covid.  And if he is?  If freaking grocery store workers are ‘essential’ and MUST work with strangers and coworkers all day long, what is the President and the halls of government?  I guess no one cares if the deli clerk gets it from a customer, but if a White House aide gets it at work it’s a national event?  Gimme a break.

Anyway, stuff to do.  Better get to it.  I need more room for preps and less room for things that aren’t selling.  So I can keep stacking the good stuff.