Day: July 27, 2020

Mon. July 27, 2020 -a new week, filled with the old st……..

Hot and humid, but maybe we’ll get a little break from the really bad stuff.  That would be nice.

Yesterday after running my errands, I spend a couple of hours in the garage.  It was drizzling, and much cooler than it has been.  I got the freezers lined up so all the doors open fully.  I moved some drawers over 3 inches to make room for another cabinet.  Moved some extension cords and powerstrips around.  I’m about 80% back to normal in the garage now.  Well, the new normal with the rearrangements.  Normal in the sense that stuff is in there, and I can get to it.

Finished my laundry and restocked the kitchen and baths.    House is a shambles.  My wife’s been busy with work and then started getting our tax stuff in order for our accountant.  Kids have been slacking off on chores while we’ve both been otherwise occupied.  Add me redoing the garage, and my wife redoing daughter 1’s bedroom and you’ve got a mess.

I’m hoping that we don’t have any more rain today so I can get a load down to my auctioneer.  I have to use the pickup, and the stuff can’t get wet, so I need the rain to hold off.  Tuesday or Wednesday, I’m already supposed to get a different load to my other auctioneer, so I don’t want to push any of the deliveries.  (Each auctioneer has typical stuff they sell, so I’m matching stuff to seller, hoping to get better buyers and higher prices.)

I need to get rid of the stuff that won’t help us, and make room for more things that will.

‘Cuz I’m seeing escalation everywhere I look.   And that isn’t going to end well.

So keep stacking whatever you’re short on.  Practice some shooting skills this week, or learn some comm skills.  Clean your guns.  Organize the freezer and the pantry shelves.  Change batteries in devices.  Buy a sturdy pair of boots and some work gloves.  Go through your webbing and make sure you don’t need to sew anything.  So much to do.  So little time in the day.


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