Day: July 3, 2020

Fri. July 3, 2020 – another Friday, more to come

Hot and humid.

Less hot yesterday by the end of the day, but furnace hot for most of it.  Just standing outdoors was enough to soak my shirt with sweat.

We spent the morning at swim practice, hit the school for the free lunch for the kids (mini pizzas), and then I was free to work on stuff around the house.   Cleaned the pool.  Did some garden work.  Picked up the yard.  Cleaned and put a couple of things away.  Hid from the heat until I felt normal again, then back outside sorting inventory to take to this week’s auction.  Which is what I’ll be doing later today, dropping off several bins of stuff.    Ran some errands for my wife.

Boy howdy it was hot.

The news is full of idiots.  COVID parties.  FFS.

Meanwhile all the nation state stuff is still happening.  Players are still moving the pieces on the board.  What haven’t we heard anything about lately?*  I’m reasonably sure that the distraction is made to order for some of the players.   Elephants dancing.  Nervous mice.

One of the newsletters I get lists “Line of Duty” deaths for fire/police and it was a bit of a shock to see 2 of the 20 were in Houston.  One was an HPD helo pilot that went down (possibly to hostile fire) in north Houston, and the other was a deputy that got blue on blued during a call in Fort Bend.  They are counting COVID deaths as LOD, and they are roughly equal to the gunshot deaths for the last couple of months.    It’s been a heavier than normal couple of months too.

The celebration of Independence Day is coming up.  Bob used it as a convenient marker for his switch to Linux, which was never quite complete.  I don’t have any personal observances, but I think our founding fathers** would be horrified and angry beyond belief at what we’ve done with their new country.  This used to be the one purely enjoyable, unabashedly celebratory holiday of the summer.  But the taint of irony has cast a pall on even that day.

Take what joy you can.  We are currently living in the good old days.

Keep your eyes open.  Keep stacking.




*GWOT, scourge of islam, global financial crisis, etc

**not zers, or trans anything, nor co-parenting, but FATHERS.

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