Day: July 26, 2020

Sun. July 26, 2020 – supposed to be a day of rest, right?

Hot but maybe not as much, humid, well, Houston….

Yesterday cooled off considerably after the rain bands came through.

I did an auction pickup, spent a bunch of time in front of the computer bidding on things, and made a run to my secondary location.  I’ve got a dumpster I can use there, and I had some trash that I didn’t want to have around until the next heavy trash pickup here.

Laundry and chores around the house ate the rest of the day.

It was funny to realize, as I drove through the flooded streets on my way home, that I didn’t even CARE that there was a hurricane coming ashore today.   I looked over the yard to make sure there weren’t a lot of loose things laying around, and that everything that needed to stay dry was under cover, but that’s about it.   When you’re already living your preps you don’t have to do much extra.

I’m doing another pickup today, more furniture for the house.  I was ready to cut back on auctions, but it sure is convenient and the universe is dropping the stuff I need/want in my lap, so I’m not going to complain too much.

Rifle parts, tactical gear, camping stuff, freezers, pools and bikes, workout gear,  and a variety of other things, from cleaners and disinfectants to toilet paper and cases of twinkies have all been in auctions here the last few weeks.  Actual guns have all been expensive, but there have been a variety in the estate auctions.  I’m trying to be judicious, but… in the secondary market you buy it when you see it.

I’m afraid that the primary markets are headed that way too, if it’s in stock you better grab it.  I hope it doesn’t get as bad as the soviets, where you’d buy shoes in whatever size was available and then try to trade.

Suppose someone starts sniping amazon Prime semis on the freeways?  or Consolidated Grocers?  Suppose it catches on as a “thing”…

I put links to a couple of ‘protest’ related incidents in the comments late yesterday.  PLEASE actually go and look at the pictures and video.  It’s one thing to see a story about this being the 57th day of rioting in Portland, it’s quite something else to see the pictures.  Same for the shootings involving vehicles.  Learn what you can from the unfortunate experiences of others.

It might not be the wuflu that keeps you home, it might be the violence on the streets.

Have you got enough?

Keep stacking, don’t let this catch you unprepared.



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