Day: July 31, 2020

Fri. July 31, 2020 – more than half way through the year

Hot and humid, maybe some rain.

Yesterday was hot.  Humid too, although less than previous.  Stuff actually dried in the driveway.

As expected I spend all afternoon driving around doing pickups.  I did get preps as well as home decor…  some web gear, some airsoft and BB stuff, some knives…

I bid on a bunch of ammo last night but it all went for more than I was willing to pay.   It wasn’t crazy, but it was more than Ammoseek listings.  Oddly, Foodsaver bags and rolls sold for pretty much retail, or maybe a bit higher.  Didn’t think they were in short supply.

One of my pickups also sells surplus and salvage direct to the public.  It’s mostly clothes, but there is always some food.  I grabbed 11 bottles (8oz) of pure USA and Canadian maple syrup for $1 each.  Also 9 pounds of ground coffee for $1 /lb.  I’ll count that as a score.  We eat a lot of maple syrup.

Daughter’s room is finally done.  We have to hang a couple more pictures when she decides, but the big stuff is all in place.  Not counting the bed and rug, pretty much everything else came from an auction over the last year.

We’ll be doing something to update Daughter 2’s room soon I’m sure.

The kids, especially the younger one, are showing the strain of not seeing their friends in person, and of staying home.  Changing their rooms up is an attempt to give them something new to focus on, and to change things up a bit.  My wife has also booked us a rental in Galveston for a couple of days in a week or so.  The change of scenery should do everyone good.  The kids will get some beach and swim time in too.

The whole week was eaten up by auction stuff and some minor work in the garage.  Wife is happy though and ‘that ain’t nuthin’…

Today I’ve got another pickup in the afternoon, and I’ll do some more in the garage.  I’m hoping to see my buddy at the gun store, just to touch base.  Maybe it’s time to sell my very expensive safe queen…

I’m sure something else will jump up and demand my attention and time.

I really need to get some stuff done.  Stuff isn’t going to stack itself…




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