Day: July 30, 2020

Thur. July 30, 2020 – lots to do today

Hot and humid, chance of rain.

And I’m gonna be out driving around most of the afternoon.

Yesterday I didn’t leave the house.  It rained pretty good all morning, which kept me from making any drop offs.  I did get some stuff done in the garage, mainly shelves and getting my work areas back together.  I put my 2 ft cube light box ($5 auction special) out there, and moved electrical strips, fans, worklights, and small wall mount shelves around.  Still a long way to go, but it feels like progress.

I also spent about a half hour or more listening to my ham lunch buddies on their weekly net.  They’re all doing a net on 2m rather than getting together for lunch.  I can’t talk with them because I can’t hit the repeater from my house with my current antenna/radio combo.  I’ve got antennas for my ‘big’ radio, but haven’t put them up mainly because I have the quad band mobile for 2m and 70cm.  If I get the big radio hooked to an appropriate antenna, I can pump 100 watts at the problem.  That should work…  my other choice is a directional antenna for 2m on my mobile.  Either way, not happening this week.  (I’m in the radio shadow of a new office tower that is taller than the repeater antenna, and right between me and the repeater.)

Speaking of rain, more should be headed our way as the next tropical storm is headed up Florida.  Busy season so far.   Being prepped up for wuflu has gotten me a big jump on hurricane preps, so I’ll give it that.

And I’ll keep working on replacing what little we’ve used from our long term stacks…because it isn’t going to get better for a long time.




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