Day: July 28, 2020

Tues. July 28, 2020 – same stuff, different day

Hot and humid.  Maybe less than the past few days as the storm system might have gifted us some cooler winds.

Certainly miserable yesterday.  Not as hot but saturated.  Made working outside a chore.

Got some stuff done.  Got the front yard mowed before the rain.  Back yard was still too wet.  Got the truck loaded with stuff for my more ‘industrial’ auctioneer.  I’ve got to go by my secondary location and load up some more this morning, and get it all to him around 9am.  Early start for me.

While I’m there I’ll do a pickup at the other nearby auctioneer, and try to jump the line on the other other auctioneer and pick up the stuff for my daughter’s room.  I don’t want to wait until Thursday to do that, but I forgot to make an appointment.  Wuflu means appointments and curbside pickup.

It feels like I got more done than that.  Oh, I did move some stuff around in the garage.  That’s ongoing.  I’m moving stuff into the garage that really shouldn’t get wet, and moving stuff out that is much lower value or hardier.  I still cover it outside, but water gets into everything eventually.

So that’s my day, go get rid of some stuff, go get some stuff, get home to watch the kids while the wife does a site visit for work, and do some stuff around the house.  The only prepping I’m doing today is the pickup, which has some web gear, and that’s only good if it comes to a shooting war.  Which I sincerely hope it does not.

Still, it is stacking, and getting rid of stuff generates cash and happiness in my wife, which is not a small thing.

Join me won’t you?  Stack something today.



BTW, anyone else notice that with all the wuflu and the shooting and rioting that Epstein’s procurer and Joe Biden are both out of the day to day news cycle?  Coincidence?


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