Day: July 19, 2020

Sun. July 19, 2020 – no rest for me

Hot again, but probably not raining.  Until it does.

Yesterday stayed hot and humid all day.  Must have been less than 100% RH though since things did dry out in the driveway.  Lots of rainwater in every open bucket and piece of “inventory” out there.  Pool and pond both overflowing.

Didn’t get much done.  Very little in the garage.  I did pick up a couple of auction items for my non-prepping hobby, and that took me to a part of the northwest suburbs I haven’t been to before.  26 miles out of town up 290, then south.  I usually go north at  that point.  Interesting development, right on a creek.  LOTS of detention ponds but I bet it still flooded.  I’m always interested in the little areas around Houston especially once you get a bit out of town.  Too much water for me to consider moving to this one.

I did get the repairs done to my daughter’s new dresser.  Can’t even tell it was damaged.  It would have been simple but the drawers fought me, and to make the glue up easier, I did it in stages with time for the glue to set in between.  Like most things, you can have good, fast, or cheap, but you can only pick two.  In this case, I saved a bunch of money on the dresser, but spent time making repairs.  (The desk was unscathed, saved a bunch on that too.  It evens out.)  Her new “tween” room decor is coming together nicely.

We’ve been looking for ways to do ‘special’ things for the girls during our isolation and time out of school.   We’ll be doing some updates to daughter 2’s room as well.

I did put a few rounds through the airsoft pistol late in the evening.  I did some very low light point shooting, supported, unsupported strong, and unsupported weak hand.  I was either hitting the cans or just missing.  Pretty good for not being able to see the sights and barely able to see the cans.  Again, it’s liberating to be able to work some stuff you just can’t do at the range.  I know it’s not the same, but I’m working on sight alignment, body positioning (purposely off balance and mostly wrong footed), and ‘breaking the shot’ feeling the trigger.  The airsoft SIG “points” with very similar geometry to my G17, so it feels pretty natural to line up.  And it’s FUN.

Today I’ll be working on all the same things I’ve been working on all week.  I’m really hoping to be done with the freezer and most of the garage reorg.  The cleanup will continue for some time, but the freezer needs to be cold and full of food.  I also need to cut the grass and go through the gardens.  It was too wet yesterday.

Dinner was fresh brats boiled in beer then grilled for flavor and appearance.  Fresh corn on the cob.  Daughter 1 made a cake from boxed mix for dessert.

An interesting note, sometime today or tomorrow, we’ll pass 135,000 comments here.  The comments are the biggest part of this site.  If you come here and just read my blather, you’re missing out.  I can’t believe that I came here for a year? two? before I started reading comments, and then contributing.  There is a diverse, knowledgeable, and POLITE group of great folks here and a HUGE pool of talent and experience.  Join the conversation.


And keep stacking!



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