Day: July 16, 2020

Thur. July 16, 2020 – I think that’s right…

Hot and hot and hot today.  Overcast in the morning, scorching sun in the afternoon.   That’s MY prediction, without even looking at a map or satellite images.

‘Cuz that’s what it was like yesterday, and the day before too.

I spent most of the day alternating between cleaning in the garage, and working on my daughter’s dresser, and doing other auction stuff.  I had to water the garden, the sprinklers weren’t getting enough water where it was needed for the melons.  I’ll have to take a look today and see if they’ve changed, or if it’s just that dang hot.  The pool was noticeably lower so my wife topped it up this evening.  And then started reading the newest Harry Dresden novel… while the hose ran.   Sometime around 11pm I noticed the water running.  Oh my, the water bill is going to be high this month too…

One of the things that is hard to stockpile effectively is two part epoxy adhesive.  It will eventually kick off in the tube over time.   I try to pick up a package every so often so I have a fresh one if I need it.  I haven’t picked one up recently enough I guess.  I’ll be using other glues on the dresser, but it would have been nice to use some epoxy on certain of the repairs.  Super glue will also get hard in the tubes, and super glue is incredibly useful.  Eventually, if things go downhill enough, some things just won’t be replaceable.

And because of the chemistry of soft plastics, lots of otherwise functional things either crumble (like the shoes I’ve been wearing this week), get sticky (like half the radio stuff in the garage, and the cruise control buttons in my Ranger), or turn white and corrode to powder.  There’s a reason .mil gear looks like it does, and not like consumer product.  Consumer product just won’t last anymore.  I’d like to think that no one expected cheap FRS radios to last more than a couple of years, so it wouldn’t be a big deal when the antenna covers and plastic knobs failed.  On the other hand, I suspect they see it as a feature and not a bug.   If you’re looking for long term use and longevity, avoid soft plastics and overmolds.

Dinner was chicken tacos, from canned costco chicken, lawry’s chicken taco spice pouch, and fixin’s from the fridge.  The pouch spices were in date, the chicken was BB 2017.  It was just as good as when it was made.  The canned white chicken chunks and a variety of easy meal spice packs makes for a lot of tasty and easy food.  Mexican, indian, chinese, and others are all things I’ve made and pouches I keep on hand.  Add some rice and you can stretch for another 2-4 people or get two meals out of it.

Today will be more of the same.  It’s like Groundhog Day here at Casa De Nick.   Keep stacking.  Neatly if you can manage it…




(and if you haven’t already, drop Barbara a card… addy is on her site.)

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