Day: July 14, 2020

Tues. July 14, 2020 – almost half over

Hot, humid, sunny and HOT.

Yesterday was hot.  Real hot.  Super hot.  So between that, ebay, and getting a load to my secondary location, I didn’t get much done on the garage project.  On the plus side, the freezer’s bad odor is diminished with the door open and some sun shine.

Dinner was leftovers.  I’m hardly using my stored food at all anymore, other than what we’d eat normally.  The good news is – less to replace and a good foundation to build on..I guess.

Today I’ve got more errands to run.  Auction drop offs, and auction pickups, and another run to my secondary.

More reports that wuflu doesn’t result in long term immunity, and that serious damage can be done to you even if you don’t have a really bad case.  I’m still wearing my N95 indoors with people, and gloves when I have to touch anything that lots of people touch.  I’m recommending you do too.

Cases, hospitalizations, and now deaths are rising.  I know that there are issues with the numbers.  They’re still rising.  And I don’t care how much you subtract as a ‘fudge factor’ correction, we’re still way past normal seasonal flu.  We’re all adults here, with differing risk tolerances, and differing opinions about what is true or not, but I’m urging you to err on the side of caution.  You lose little doing so, and potentially avoid a lot.   Or name me in your will if you’ve got good stuff and no one else to get it- “the Houston blogger known as Nick Flandrey” should be good enough for the lawyers to find me….

I’ll be here, in my lifeboat, watching the show on shore.

Keep stacking.  It isn’t getting better soon, and it is probably gonna get a lot worse.


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