Day: July 20, 2020

Mon. July 20, 2020 – let’s get this party started..

Hot hot and more hot, with humid and possible rain thrown in for good measure.

It was plenty hot yesterday.  Over 100F in the shade and WELL over that in the sun.  The sun did manage to peek out for a while.

I spent most of the day outside, when I wasn’t cooling off my brain.   Cut the grass, cleaned the pool, and packed and moved more stuff out of the way of the freezer in the garage.  I wish I’d taken a picture of the before.  I’ll take a picture of the after, but there’s no way to really capture the amount of stuff that needed to be shifted.  Maybe two or three pallets worth?  Stacked 3 foot high?  Something like that anyway.  That is the corner where my workbench (really just storage shelves) lived, with tools on it, under it, and above it.  Supplies, and more tools lived in a three drawer lateral file, and a cabinet above that.  In FRONT of that was several bins worth of parts, “makerspace supplies”, ebay items, and stuff that needs to be repaired.  The walkway from the door to that back corner has about 14 inches of stuff stacked along one side, waist high, that all needs to move so the freezer will fit by.  It’s a mix of inventory, tools, supplies, and junk.  That’s where I finally hit the wall yesterday, there’s no good place to move it to.

So today I’m getting a metro rack cart from my secondary and bringing that here to load up with all the stuff in that path.  Some will go to auction, some will go away, some to ebay, and some will go to my secondary.  There’s always more to do.

That’s the main goal for today.  And tomorrow.  And Wednesday.

We’ll see if it happens or if some other thing interrupts.

I really want to be getting stuff squared away.  I thought I’d have freezer space by now.

Because the world is continuing to go nuts.  With no end in sight.  And I have kids to feed…

So even with all the stuff I’ve already got, I need to keep stacking.


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