Day: July 9, 2020

Thur. July 9, 2020 – catching up with stuff

Hot.  Humid.  Hot.

Yesterday was hot, and I spent hours in the sun going through my auction purchases.  Won some, lost some.  Only one $30 item wasn’t what I thought and was a total loss.   It’s surprising how quickly $1, $6, and $12 items add up to real money.  I’ve got to get busy and list the stuff for resale so I can keep the stuff I want to keep.

And pay for a new freezer full of meat.  ‘Cuz freezers only stay cold when they’re plugged in.  I can go through the whole ‘for the want of a nail’ chain, but the upshot is I didn’t get my  new freezer into it’s safe and forever home, and it got unplugged.   I WAS checking it at least every day to be sure it was cold but I stopped.  And now I’ll be replacing all the meat, butter, lard, and bread that I put in there.  F me.  At least the stores are still open and we won’t go hungry.  Still a costly mistake.

Lowes updated me that my replacement door is available for pickup.   It showed ‘in stock’ at my local when I bought it, but I immediately got an email that it wouldn’t be available until the 12th.  Since it’s only the 9th, I guess I should be grateful…  hopefully they’ll have my food safe buckets too.  Curbside pickup, here I come.

Projects.  I’ve got em’.

Time and motivation are what’s missing.

So I better get moving.

Stack it high, but keep and eye on it…




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