Day: February 27, 2024

Tues. Feb. 27, 2024 – crazy busy week, and I’m slacking off…

Warm and moist. Part sun. Part cloud. Or maybe something different, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Yesterday was a mixed bag, weatherwise,but it did get nice in the late afternoon and evening. Nice sunset. A bit too humid all day, but it is Houston after all.

I didn’t get much of my list done yesterday. My back was really hurting, far more than usual, and didn’t respond to my normal tricks. I even went back to bed for an hour. I clearly overexerted myself at the BOL and triggered something. I did get one pickup done, that had to be done Monday. It was items for the BOL. I got some other small things done around the house too, but that doesn’t give me much of a feeling of accomplishment.

This week I have to do something to advance my hobby club website. I might just set up the hosting account, with a ‘work in progress’ page, and get the domain transfer going. I really don’t want to re-up with the existing host, even for one more month. Although if that’s an option it would take the pressure off. My main focus for the rest of the week should be getting stuff together for the hamfest. I also need to do my afternoon kid wrangling, normal pickups (although I’m buying a lot less stuff, and it’s more focused) and drop off stuff with my auctioneer. I don’t have anything in this week’s auction, so something glitched. I thought I had stuff at his place waiting for listing.

And I’m certain that the normal sort of unexpected stuff will pop up. So I’m expecting the unexpected. As long as it’s not the Spanish Inquisition…

Oh, and I’ve got to do early voting too, in our local races, because I’m not available on the actual day.

Still, busy is better than bored, right? Right?

Get out in the world. Learn a new skill or get some training. Upgrade your ham license or try a new mode. Plan and plant your garden. Time is FLYING by.



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